Designer Profile: Tatyana Khomyakova

Vintage Style from Bettie Page

Photo Courtesy of Bettie Page by Urszula Stern

Tatyana Khomyakova’s women’s wear lines have revitalized the sophistication and sultriness that epitomized America’s post-World War II fashion revolution. Capturing the essence of this era, the Bettie Page designer has a collection featuring cigarette and circle skirts with feminine touches such as bows, frills and pleats. Khomyakova incorporates modern patterns, lengths and prints in her collections, and offers dresses similar to those depicted in pin-up artist Gil Elvgren’s famous “oops moment” paintings.

Where do you get your inspiration?
From so many places. I will see an old movie and something will catch my eye, and I will start to sketch freehand. I’ll notice an old advertisement or read a description in a book. Even nature inspires me—the trees, the ocean, the night sky. Just life itself.

What is your vision for Bettie Page?
To grow and evolve. I am so fortunate that my vision has remained steady. In a deep way, I know the course I am on, the path my designs are taking. My designs will evolve, but in a fundamental way, they will be the same. It’s like an artist’s palette. The pictures are all different, but you can tell they come from one hand.

What in your next collection excites you?
I’ll dip my toes into the 1960s and ’70s. We’ll be producing some of our own proprietary prints. Other than that, the line will grow organically.

Describe your favorite design elements.

Fabrics must be subservient to the design. If a dress is to hug the feminine form, then the fabric should be stretch cotton, for example. My desired colors are gray, because of its nobility, and red, because it’s attractive and sexy. My favorite print is polka dots. It makes everyone look young, lovely and adorable.

Any advice to women in general?

Women should have some mystery about them. To be sexy and attractive, but modest and elegant—all at the same time.

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