Summer / Fall 2011

Lucid Dreams

Absinthe’s Surreal Circus

Photograph by Robert John Kley

“Rumor is, back in the day when drinking absinthe, you would see the green fairy come out of the bottle and you’d follow her imagination and your own hallucinations,” explains The Gazillionaire, ringleader of Absinthe, a surreal circus that his sidekick, Penny, calls “another level of crazy.”

A mix of comedy, burlesque and extreme circus acts so close you can almost touch them—audience members gasp during The Skating Aratas routine — Absinthe is “a bit like a performance in your living room, and your uncle is going to get up and do some weird stuff,” gruffs The Gazillionaire.

“The hallucination is a bit of what happens in the show. Hopefully, when you come out into the beautiful garden afterward, you’re not quite sure what you just experienced.” Welcome to Absinthe.

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