Fall 2011 / Winter 2012

Style Profile: Deborah Lippmann

Sultry Songbird of Nail Lacquer
Interview by Christie Moeller

Deborah Lipmann

Manicurist Deborah Lippmann has worked with the top fashion houses including Valentino, Rodarte and Donna Karan, and designed polishes for Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker and past Caesars Palace headliner Cher.

Lippmann even mixed a special nail color to complement Mariah Carey’s 1998 Academy Awards® dress. The color was named “Satin Doll” for its shimmering beige shade, and so began The Deborah Lippmann Collection. Today the collection contains more than 45 shades of long-wearing nail lacquer with names inspired by popular song titles.

Vegas Player recently sat down for a chat with the nail aficionado.

What are the hottest nail trends for the holiday season?
We will be seeing a lot of jewel tones and glitter. Layering is also a huge trend. It’s one of the things that got me into making color to get the right shade.

What’s the best length and shape for a woman’s nails?
The length of the tip of your nail should never be longer than the base of your nail. In terms of shape, an almond shape is very chic and sophisticated.

For do-it-yourself lacquer lovers who can’t get to a salon, what’s your advice?
Hydration is key, so hand cream is important. Second, always keep the edge filed. Every three to four days, run a file across the tip to keep them smooth. Third, push your cuticles back once a week.

You’ve collaborated with a number of stars, such as Cher. How did this come about? I was doing Cher’s nails for her tour and she had been layering four colors to achieve a look she had in mind. We were waiting forever between coats, so I said, maybe we should put this entire concept into one bottle. That’s how “Believe” was born. The color is silver and gold. It’s fantastic onstage and goes with everything she wears.

You’re an accomplished singer. Is that how the concept came about for naming your polishes after song titles? Music is close to my heart. It was emotional branding. I thought if you knew the song then the name would take you someplace else. It’s cute and fun and resonates on a different level.

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