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High-Endurance Exercises to Get in Shape for Summer
By Mia McNiece

Qua Spa¹s 5,500-square-foot workout facility
at Caesars Palace.
Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

High-endurance exercises can have a high impact on your overall health, says Gunnar Peterson, celebrity fitness trainer. Peterson has toned some of the most fabulous bodies in Hollywood—including Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian—and says doing a high-endurance exercise for 30 minutes three times a week will lead to “a reduction in body fat, improved skin tone, better sleep and an overall improvement in your mood.”

To get started, Peterson suggests jumping rope, running or in-line skating. These activities increase your heart rate and maintain it at an elevated state, all while working the biggest muscle groups in the body. Just how many calories these exercises burn depends on many factors like weight and age but Peterson is quick to point out that any of the three mentioned above will “burn more than you would on an elliptical machine.”

If you are just starting a fitness routine, it’s best to begin working out two to three times a week. As you get more comfortable with the exercises, increase your workouts to four to five times a week. Within three weeks, you will see some of those amazing results.

But Peterson says one of the most important words to remember when getting in shape is “change.” To avoid boredom and opting out of your workout, he suggests changing your routine. “Vary your workouts, your duration, the intensity and the music,” Peterson advises.

So, with such a short amount of time required, there is really no excuse not to get up, get out and get in shape. As Peterson says, “It’s only thirty minutes!”

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