Spring / Summer 2012

Caught in the Act

PEEPSHOW Star is Feeling Good

Photograph by Robert John Kley

With his smoldering good looks and powerful voice, Josh Strickland is a force onstage. The South Carolina native first gained exposure on the second season of American Idol, and then starred as Tarzan in the Disney production on Broadway. Now, Strickland has found a home in Vegas as the male lead singer in PEEPSHOW. One of Strickland’s favorite scenes in PEEPSHOW is “Feeling Good”—a sexy and sophisticated take on Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. “The performance is a beautiful number that is all about how you have to let someone go, but always want them to come back to you.”

Strickland treats every night like opening night. So this means prepping his voice with vocal exercises—“singers are always making some kind of sounds to get our voices warm”— and treating and protecting his throat from the dry desert heat with the proven cure: warm tea, Neti pot and water.

But once he’s onstage, Strickland connects with the audience, channeling a little of himself into each show. “I am a performer. It’s in my soul, so wherever I go, I find myself wanting to entertain and be fun and outgoing. That’s just who I am.”

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