Grooming Today’s Modern Gent

Photographs by Todd Lussier

Photograph by Todd Lussier

Find your iconic style at the barber shop at Qua Baths & Spa.

interview by Christie Moeller

Manning Up

Sal Jeppi, a.k.a. Sal the Barber, at the Men’s Zone in Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace, has been making men look good for more than three decades. We sat down with the expert in men’s grooming to learn more about the old-fashioned hot lather and straight-razor shave. So sit back, relax and, well, “don’t worry ’bout it;” he’ll do the rest.

Five Questions for Sal the Barber

Why should a guy go to a professional barber for a straight-razor shave?

Experience. Professionalism. Tradition. A barber knows how to prepare the skin and give the proper shave.

This is a unique concept catering toward men. Tell us about Qua’s Men’s Zone?

We are old-school Vegas. I have been in the business for over thirty-five years and with Caesars for almost twenty years. This is where I hang my hat. Most resorts have a unisex thing, where a guy gets a cut in a salon. Ours is a real barber shop. We cater to gentlemen. When someone is in our barber shop, he is the king of the barber shop. All the attention is on him. We can mix him a drink, give him a manicure or pedicure, or a gentleman’s facial.

How should a man prepare before coming in?

Just come as you are and I’ll take care of you.

What do you recommend men do to maintain their skin between visits?

Make sure they always moisturize and cleanse the skin before shaving. Preparing the skin is the most important part. I like to use a little facial oil on the skin before I apply shaving cream-it really helps soften whiskers and get a close shave. Never shave against the grain.

At home should men use a shaving brush?

Absolutely. It brings the whiskers up. The brush is very important even with canned shaving cream. Apply the cream with your hands and then massage it in with the brush. You’ll be amazed at how close of a shave you get.

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