Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Photograph By Mikey McNulty

Photograph By Mikey McNulty

Personalize your style with Sophia Fiori’s versatile Victoria Collection.
Interview by Christie Moeller

Jewelry artisan Bernard Bachoura doesn’t just design jewelry; he crafts a legacy. “Sophia Fiori diamond jewelry has classic, eternal style. It’s designed to last the lifetime of the wearer, as well as future generations,” Bachoura explains. “These days, women are looking for value in their jewelry—pieces that can be worn and enjoyed forever, not just for one or two years. They want diamond jewelry that they can wear dressed down running the kids to soccer practice or dressed up for a glamorous night out.”

Bachoura says the company’s Victoria Collection embodies this concept. “The wearer is part of the creative process,” he explains. “What makes the collection so distinctive are the interchangeable colored bands,” allowing women their choice among 14 different colored bands to coordinate with any outfit. “For jeans and a T-shirt, you can wear the Victoria Ring with the blue-diamond band. For a night out, add the white diamond center band.”

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