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Photograph By Sabin Orr

Photograph By Sabin Orr

Marcus Voglrieder shares Nobu’s beverage buzz.

By Grace Bascos

Nobu’s newly minted boutique hotel and restaurant at Caesars Palace comes with an array of cocktails that have been created with the Las Vegas experience in mind. Marcus Voglrieder, beverage director for Nobu Restaurants, USA, is in charge of what gets sipped by Nobu clientele all across the country. In order to keep ideas fresh, he holds company-wide competitions fostering creativity to dream up new and unique cocktails.

“For this competition, we are given a specific ingredient—for example, champagne or Japanese whiskey. Accordingly, each bartender creates a cocktail with that ingredient, and the winning drink goes on every Nobu beverage menu in the United States,” Voglrieder explains. But ultimately, he says, “There are three elements that the winning cocktail is based on: taste, creativity and presentation.”

Regionally, each mixologist considers local influences, as well as the clientele. The new Nobu Caesars Palace is no exception, featuring two only-in-Vegas drinks. The Peruvian Caipirinha harkens back to Chef Nobu’s roots in the South American country, utilizing pisco instead of the Brazilian cachaça, and muddled with brown sugar, shiso (an Asian herb belonging to the mint family) and lime, topped with refreshing ginger beer. His Cracked Basil features Nobu’s own Korean vodka, “soju,” as a base, mixed with fresh strawberries, Thai basil, tart yuzu fruit juice and Grand Marnier with egg-white foam on top.

Peruvian Caipirinha
South American Spirit
Nobu Caesars Palace

A Peruvian-Asian twist on a Brazilian classic. Sweet, fragrant and fresh.


3 lime wedges

2 teaspoons brown sugar

2 oz. Macchu Pisco

2 oz. Cock ‘n Bull ginger beer

Pinch of shiso

Muddle lime wedges, brown sugar and shiso. Add pisco and ice; shake. Pour into a curved highball glass. Top off with ginger beer and garnish with a pinch of shiso.

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