Spring / Summer 2013

The Red Rocker

Photograph By Robert John Kley

Photograph By Robert John Kley

What’s in a name? Sammy Hagar explains. “I was driving down a dirt road one Sunday morning in Cabo San Lucas and saw a guy staggering back and forth, bumping into a barbed-wire fence and going back onto the road. Obviously, he was up all night partying and I said, ‘Look! The guy is doing the Cabo Wabo.’ The words just came out of my mouth. I laughed. It stuck with me.”

Clearly, Hagar is still laughing. Not only did he parlay the man’s two-step into the Van Halen song “Cabo Wabo” but he has since opened a string of Cabo Wabo Cantina restaurants (in Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe) and created a premium tequila brand called—surprise— Cabo Wabo Tequila.

“I wanted to build a tequila bar and have all the best handmade tequila for my friends,” says the singer and entrepreneur. “Life’s good.”

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