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Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Photo Courtesy of AEG Live

Photo Courtesy of AEG Live

If you ask John Meglen, president and co-CEO of AEG Live, which moment stands out in the 10-year history of the Colosseum, he recalls opening night – March 25,2003 – when Céline Dion stepped on stage to christen the $95-million venue.

“We all knew Céline was one of the world’s most beloved performers, but none could have envisioned how the first show would forever raise the bar for Las Vegas entertainment and how it would set the stage for the biggest entertainers in the world to call the Colosseum home,” Meglen reflects.

The Colosseum was designed to be “a playground for entertainers to realize their artistic visions,” a place for them to “bring their imagination to life,” Meglen explains. Whether it’s an inclined stage for Dion’s “A New Day…” or 4D technology for Shania Twain’s show. “SHANIA: STILL THE ONE,” The Colosseum is known as a venue “Where artists’ dreams become reality,” he says. “Every show is a new challenge for each artist to build upon what has already been done, and to use the technologies in ways never done before. It really keeps us on our toes.”

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