Summer / Fall 2013

Coco Finds Her Way

Photograph by: Robert John Kley

Photograph by: Robert John Kley

Catch the PEEPSHOW star in her final performances.

Since taking over the role of Bo Peep in December, Coco has adjusted well to Las Vegas life. “We lived in Planet Hollywood for the first six months before we got our house here, and it was awesome. I was in my own little Coco world then,” she said before a recent show. The “we” Coco is talking about isn’t husband Ice-T. They’ve been a bicoastal couple since the start of PEEPSHOW, while he’s in New York filming Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He recently moved to Vegas to be with his wife for the summer. Coco is referring to her two English bulldogs—Spartacus and Maximus who are almost always by her side, even accompanying her to meet and greets with fans. “They’re rock stars. They love the attention.”

Coco does too. But in PEEPSHOW, which she describes as “a slow tease, true 1950s burlesque,” Coco’s character is cautious before she breaks out of her shell. “It’s funny, because my character plays something I’m totally not. Bo Peep is timid; she’s shy. The Peep Diva basically gives her confidence throughout the show and builds her up to find love.” Bo Peep’s transformation hits its peak to a song called “Burlesque.” “That’s when you see me come alive.”

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