Fall / Winter 2014

Gone Fishing

Catching up with Mac King.

Photograph by Robert John Kley

Photograph by Robert John Kley

Why plaid? It’s the obvious question for a guy who looks like he just stepped off a Mad Men set. “This used to be my grandfather’s suit. He was an amateur magician and a big influence on me, so it’s in homage to him. My grandmother made this from her couch,” explains Mac King, displaying the wry humor you can expect in his show, which he jokingly describes as “an extravaganza with dancing girls and monkeys.”

In reality, it’s a comedy show with magic. King performs a number of sleight-of-hand card tricks, makes dollar bills rise from the ashes and baits an audience with tricks that include catching a live goldfish out of midair. Further fishy hijinks follow. “Hopefully, when you’re leaving, you say, ‘That’s the most amazing magic show I’ve ever seen—and that’s the funniest comedy show.’ I want it to be both.”

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