Cocktail Culture

Bathed and Infused

Discovering 3535’s crafty cocktails.


Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Folks seeking a vastly different type of bar experience will find it at 3535 inside The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Where else can you down a Skittle shot, Sriracha-infused tequila and beef jerky-flavored Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey? And that’s just the tip of 3535’s diamond-shaped ice cube.

Thomas McNally, the resort’s beverage operation manager, heads a team that infuses fresh fruit, herbs, spices and just about anything else you could find in a refrigerator or pantry—including blue cheese, butternut squash and Nutella—into jugs of bourbon, vodka, rum and tequila to create the bar’s 35 distinctive cocktails. The bar’s creative spirits include espresso bean-infused Maker’s Mark and banana clove-infused Zaya rum.

“Everything is fresh,” McNally explains. “There are no artificial flavors. We use cloves, actual mint Oreo cookies, fresh fruit and pure vanilla bean, not substitutes.”

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