Wild at Heart

by Jerry Metellus

by Jerry Metellus

John Varvatos on dressing today’s modern man.

Called “the quintessential American designer” by The Washington Post, John Varvatos has built one of today’s most enduring men’s fashion brands.

You say you’re less interested in fashion than in style. Explain what style means to you?
From a designer point of view, fashion is something that is of the moment, and style is lasting. Style is something you create as an individual. I always enjoy helping someone create his or her own personal style. That’s what people remember you by.

What is your formula for success?
When you chase the fashion of the moment, the customer has less of a long-term relationship with you. I stay true to the brand. It’s about being evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Who is the John Varvatos man?
It’s about the spirit that surrounds the brand. One of the most exciting things about our brand is that we have a pretty broad demographic—from young guys to corporate businessmen to edgy rock-and-roll types.

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