Modern Heritage

Visionary designer Johnny Coca redefines Mulberry.  

With designer Johnny Coca at the reigns, Mulberry is stronger than ever. Here, he talks fall trends and his design process.

What motivates you as a designer? I love to see how an idea, a sketch, can become a bag or a dress and be part of the wardrobe and life of a customer. It can be a long, tough process, but the results always push me forward to do better with every collection.

How do you arrive at a cohesive design for a season? I’ll watch films, listen to music, go to exhibitions or sit on a terrace and watch people live their lives. It’s important to take the time to get some perspective. I always find myself sketching after.

The Fall/Winter collection has a lot of color. What inspired this? I have such a passion for color; it’s the Spanish in me. The twist on the look comes from the strength of these color combinations. You can take something very classic and make it look eccentric if you play with the right color.
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