Opening Act

Forever Your Girl

Paula Abdul Kicks off Flamingo Residency.

Paula Abdul - Wild Card - Caesars Player-full

Following her eye-popping Billboard Awards performance, which she called “a labor of love, enthusiasm and energized rehearsals,” Paula Abdul shared details about her intense workout routine as she prepares for her new Flamingo Las Vegas residency. “I’m not locked into anything that’s too regimented,” she says. “There are certain workouts that just live on my calendar—yoga, Pilates, and dance fitness. Then there’s what I like to call my freestyle fitness—walking the stairs, hiking, taking my dogs for a walk. Just being outdoors.”

And with that Abdul says, “fans can definitely expect non-stop energy” and an emotional show as she runs through her stable of hits.

“Both ‘Straight Up’ and ‘Forever Your Girl’ touch my heart now more than ever because they have a family connection with my parents, who both recently passed away,” Abdul reveals. “‘Forever Your Girl’ was my father’s favorite song, and I’ll always be his little girl. My mother got ‘Straight Up’ as a demo from a friend of an acquaintance of hers. She passed it along to me. I love that my parents had a special connection with my music,” she says. “We are united in spirit, and I know in my soul that they’re at every rehearsal and performance.”

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