Mystifying Magic

Criss Angel’s mind-bending Mindfreak.

Criss Angel’s mind-bending Mindfreak

In 2005, Criss Angel changed the course of magic with his hit A&E television show Mindfreak. The illusions in the show, which was filmed at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, were a first for television. Now, his MINDFREAK stage show is doing the same.

You’re celebrating your first anniversary back at Planet Hollywood. How has the experience been? It’s been amazing. Mindfreak changed the direction of magic on television and now my new show has done the same for a live performance. This cutting-edge production is the result of decades of work. It’s a dream come true.

One the most anticipated parts of the show is the levitation. What is it like for you to see how the audience reacts? The new finale levitation has taken me twenty years to design. It is one of the most exciting moments for the audience. I love the skeptics who thought everything they saw on TV was just camera tricks, and then to see their reactions night-after-night as I fly around the stage, go through a ladder, and lift up one of the cast members at the end is incredible. Blowing peoples’ minds never gets old.

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