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Stadia Bar: The Place for Game Days and Beyond

The all-new Stadia Bar will create a next-level sports viewing experience.

Stadia Exterior_Rendering Credit Rockwell Group

Stadia-Interior_Rendering-Credit-Rockwell-GroupPhoto courtesy of Caesars Entertainment


The new Stadia Bar at Caesars Palace scores a next-level sports viewing experience you'll want to replay again and again.

Not only does it offer lavish amenities and a menu that includes highend and unique cocktail selections, but it’s also designed to replicate the excitement, drama and grandeur of being seated in a live sports arena.

At the 120-seat, 2,186-square-foot sports hub, you can take a seat at the elevated bar and watch the action on big-screen HD TVs, or reserve one of five VIP leather-wrapped domes designed exclusively for Stadia Bar. Each dome makes you feel like you’re inside a vintage leather football helmet and gives an intimate viewing area with its own LED screen.

You can toast your team’s victory (or console fellow fans in defeat) with a roster of unique curated selections and highly allocated supreme spirits—so rare, they’re only available for purchase once a year. Stadia will also carry signature blends of whiskey purchased by the barrel, with a one-of-a-kind flavor profile that can only be tasted at Caesars Palace. Food items will be via mobile ordering.

Stadia Bar is expected to open in spring 2021. It replaces Slice Bar, adjacent to the Forum Food Court and across from Vanderpump Cocktail Garden.

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