A French Connection

Building on the success of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace, Lisa Vanderpump is set to open a sleek, sexy new lounge at Paris Las Vegas. We caught up with the television star and restauranteur to see what to expect at Vanderpump à Paris.

Caesars Player-Lisa Vanderpump

Credit: Photo by Erik Kabik/Caesars Entertainment

From living in France and visiting Paris, what do you hope to replicate? We had such an incredible time living there for close to 10 years, and our family’s wine production is still based in Provence, so we are inextricably tied to the country. You’ll find our love for French wine, delicious French food, and our fascination with French culture and history peppered throughout the space. What does Paris symbolize to you? Paris is the City of Love, so you know you are going to find your fair share of sexy at Vanderpump à Paris. But one of the most exciting elements is how we really embraced the laissez-faire, Belle Époque sort of attitude that Paris has long been known for. You’ll find nods to Paris history throughout our cocktail menus, and decor. It is the roaring 20s again after all. What vibe will Vanderpump à Paris have? Working with [designer] Nick Alain has allowed us to bring this place to life on another level. The designs are unlike anything anybody has ever seen. You’ll see vignettes of Parisian elegance, coupled with the romantic industrial design. From elements of art deco, to burlesque, to classic Parisian architecture. Give us a hint on what the cocktail list will look like. We have created a menu that is as adventurous and unique as the space, but that brings to life classic and much-loved cocktails in completely new and exciting ways. And visuals are always paramount to us, so you know that our presentation and garnishes will go beyond. Tell us a bit about the light bites. It’s a decadent combination of classic French-inspired fare that has been turned on its head and made accessible, unique and completely mouth-wateringly delicious. All our food is sharable. And you know it’ll be instagrammable!

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