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Pastry Pioneer Dominique Ansel Deals Indulgent Sweets in “Lucky 7” Collection.

Dessert innovator Dominique Ansel has a new bakery at Caesars Palace. The Cronut® creator is, of course, bringing his signature croissant-donut hybrid and other whimsical desserts, including the DKA (Dominique’s Kouign Amann), Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot and Frozen S’mores from New York. But what Ansel is most excited about is his “Lucky 7” collection of pastries—a set of pastry offerings only available at Caesars Palace.

“With some creativity and imagination, and a lot of practice, you can create something special,” Ansel explains. Here’s what he has in store for Las Vegas.

Caesars Players - Just Desserts

Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment: Palm + Ocean

Describe the ambiance.It’s always about building a space where our guests can create memories. If you’re having dessert, it’s often because you’re celebrating something special or because you’re treating yourself or someone you love to something sweet. Pastries are about happiness and joy, and we hope to instill that feeling in all that we do.

How did you approach your Las Vegas menu? It’s important for us to create something unique for each of our shops. It’s never as simple as cut and paste so we’re dedicating an entire part of the menu to brand new pastries that we’ve developed just for Las Vegas.

What are your Las Vegas-exclusive pastries? Our “Lucky 7” collection of pastries have been created exclusively for Las Vegas. We took inspiration from lucky symbols from countries and cultures all around the world—we’re in Las Vegas, after all—from a Lucky Penny (that’s actually a raspberry and peanut butter tart “piggy bank” with a gilded chocolate penny) to a Fortune Cookie made of coffee mousse and hazelnut dacquoise and a Goldfish with calamansi coconut mousse.

Are you offering breakfast items? Yes, of course! As pastry chefs, we’re very early morning people. We’ll be open every morning with fresh-baked croissants and pastries and plenty of coffee. One of my ideal breakfasts is a DKA and a cup of coffee and our Perfect Little Egg Sandwich—fluffy steamed eggs with shallots, herbs and melted Gruyère on a homemade mini brioche bun.

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