Lisa Vanderpump

The restaurateur, philanthropist and TV personality dishes on her Instagram-worthy restaurant, her passion for animals and why the location of her Las Vegas destination is . . . dangerous.

Lisa Vanderpump lives by her own rules.

Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment


Most stars of her caliber wouldn’t dream of leaving one of the most highly rated reality shows. She did. Most people couldn’t fathom the idea of forming a foundation and rescuing 2,000 dogs. She has. And most celebrities could never pull off a massively successful restaurant in one of the most famous resorts in the world. She does. Every day. Caesars Palace, you could say, is pumped about it. “The Caesars family made us feel so welcome,” Vanderpump says. “To see a venue that had so much potential but hadn’t fulfilled it yet was such a wonderful opportunity. To create a [Vanderpump Cocktail] Garden at the entrance to the Forum Shops that spilled onto the Caesars Palace casino floor was a dream.”

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